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If you are a young adult, that is looking to become involved in your community and you are interested in developing your skills as a future community leader we would love to have you submit an application for our leadership program.

Throughout Collin County and Denton County Texas, we work with each 8th grade-College participant to integrate their career path/goals, while developing leadership qualities and real-life skills, higher education and career readiness through group discussions, speakers and presentations about the civic, corporate, charitable and educational center opportunities right in their community. 

Each session will complete a community project, engagement with business, civic and community leaders aligned with the participant’s career choice which leads to more meaningful connections. 

The selection of the class facilitator, mentors, retreats, internships and community service projects foster these relationships. The participant will learn how to be a leader in any career they choose. This is a nine week program that meets weekly for 2.5 hours.

Application Process

The application process is designed to help us learn about each participants’ desired career goals, motivation and interest in leadership development, and give back to their communities.  Our goal is to create a group of participants who will benefit from this experience, as well as contribute to the TLT: Tomorrow’s Leaders Today (TLT) program and to their communities now and in the future.

Scroll down below to access the In-Person TLT Leaders Program Participant application for the 2021-2022 academic year during the appropriate session open period.

The application consists of a student information section and a questionnaire. 

The questionnaire consists of five questions, each with a character limit of 1,500 (including spaces). The application questions are as follows:

1: Why are you applying for the TLT Leaders Program and what do you want to gain from the program?

2: Tell us about a personal accomplishment that makes you proud.

3: From your own experience and knowledge, what does a good leader look like and do?

4: What problems (in your school, neighborhood, community, etc.) would you like to learn more about and/or address?

5: In what ways have you served your community & why was it important to you?

Other required items that must be submitted with the application

The total non-refundable TLT tuition is $110 which helps to offset the costs of materials, facilitator and other program costs required to operate the program. Upon Notification that the applicant has been selected, the balance of the tuition ($110) must be paid in full prior to the first session.

TLT is committed to ensuring that qualified young people can participate regardless of their family’s ability to pay tuition. For that reason, we have established a limited scholarship fund and award financial assistance based on need.  Scholarships are awarded based on family income, size and other factors related to a family’s ability to pay, as well as the financial assistance funds available. Please click here for instructions to apply.

Each applicant will be reviewed and selection is made based on their application, references and essay.

Applicants are selected without regard to race, creed, ethnicity or national origin, socioeconomic status or ability to pay, disability, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation or other protected factors.

Application Instructions

Please review the application process instructions entirely before you complete the online application below. For scholarship information, please click here.

TLT Leaders Program

9 week, In-Person Participant Application Instructions

Hello student participant applicant!

Please make note.  The application period for each in person 9 week program will OPEN the first Monday and CLOSE the Second Friday by 5 PM as follows:

  • Fall Program: Applications open TBD due to Covid restrictions
  • Spring Program – Application submission period is November – December 31. Classes are held Jan- April
  • Summer Program – Application submission period is April through May. Classes held June – August

Before you get started, carefully read the seven simple application instructions/steps below.

Step 1. Talk to your parent or guardian. You’ll need permission to participate. Specific student participant and parent/guardian contact information consent form is required to complete the application.

Step 2. Participant must prepare answers to two of the following three questions:

  1. Why are you interested in learning about Leadership?
  2. If you are currently in the process of launching your own business or social movement or if you have a creative, innovative idea for a business or social movement, please describe.
  3. What leadership story, either from the past or currently, inspires you? Please describe.

Step 3: Prepare a brief essay (approximately 300 words) on the following topic:

Describes a situation when you demonstrated at least two of the following characteristics of successful leaders: persistence, inquisitiveness, self-confidence, tolerance for failure, creativity, innovation, personal initiative, competitiveness, commitment, strong management and organizational skills

* Keep in mind: we recommend that you type your responses and save them on your computer before copying and pasting into the application.

Step 4: Upload your current resume

Step 5: Request and upload a letter of recommendation (ask a teacher, counselor, sports coach, club adviser, church leader, personal mentor, etc.) and submit with resume.

Step 6: Upload the completed photo release form and submit with resume and recommendation.

Step 7: Be sure to have a credit card handy for the $25 application fee. After all, it’s an investment in your future!

Remember, participants are required to complete the participant application by themselves, parents/guardians will sign on their consent form that this took place.

Have you gathered everything above? You’re ready to begin 

The information contained in this application will be treated as confidential by TLT: Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, Inc. and may be legally privileged. It is intended solely for the use of TLT: Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, Inc. program.
TLT Leaders Program Manual, copyright TXu 2-213-521

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