TLT Youth Leadership Academy is a four-week program presented by TLT- Tomorrow’s Leaders Today to any interested 5th to 12th grade student, homeschool or private school student, held three times a year.  Community focused sessions are 3 hours long, once a week or one week of sessions, ending with a certificate of graduation.

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This educational program experience explores personal communication and leadership dynamics, community social service organizations, their community’s history and growth, higher education and career opportunities, resume creating/review, financial literacy, community safety & local government. Participants work with their class using their leadership skills to complete a class project that will benefit their community.

Program runs Spring, Summer and Fall at various locations

Participants, experience emerging community and business leaders who encourage them to learn, to question, to dream about, and to care for their community.

  • Communication and leadership dynamics
  • Social service organizations
  • Community history and growth
  • Higher education and resume review
  • Financial literacy
  • Community safety and government
  • Participants work with their class using their leadership skills to complete a class project that will benefit the community.
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TLT Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) has the following objectives:

  1. To inform the participants about the community’s history, government, social needs, opportunities and existing processes for improvement.
  2. To introduce the participants to and establish dialogue with each other and the current leaders in their community.
  3. To encourage the participants to actively participate in future activities which contribute to the growth and betterment of the community.
  4. To provide current and future employers with a source of knowledgeable and trained leaders who can and will have a positive impact on the community.


TLT Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) provides individuals with a program that assists in the development of leadership characteristics and skills. Individuals participate in various hands-on learning activities that will help identify personal values, visions, and life-long goals. 

The program provides important concepts crucial to an emerging leader, ranging from problem solving to time management. Graduates of the program acquire a working knowledge of themselves as well as their community. 

In short, TLT Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) not only produces leaders, it also enriches the lives of all who participate in the program.


TLT Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) Classes run throughout the year, Spring, Summer and Fall.

Days and Times vary upon location, request a program in your area!

Spring 2024 Classes being formed, space is limited.


Thanks to People’s Impact Network, the spring 2024 sessions are free at no cost to our participants.

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