Veterans Gateway Program

Gateway Post Transition

Our goal is to provide vital assistance to transitioning service members and veterans as they navigate the challenging journey from military life to civilian life. We understand that this transition can be incredibly challenging, and for many veterans, it can lead to unemployment, homelessness, depression, marital issues, substance abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, and a range of other physical, emotional, and financial challenges.  For many veterans, the struggle persists even decades after their discharge from the military. At TLT, we stand as the gateway that fills the gaps left by the military experience. We do this through our Program, which brings veterans together to support and mentor one another.  Our organization is driven by the belief that veterans should not have to face the challenges of civilian life alone. By offering mentorship, training, and networking opportunities, we aim to empower veterans and provide them with the resources they need to transition successfully. Through TLT, we strive to honor the service of our veterans by ensuring they have the support and guidance required to thrive in their civilian lives.

Gateway to Career Readiness

Designed to dive into problem solving skills, communication skills, teamwork, work ethic, digital application, leadership, career management and intercultural fluency.

This program is six sessions built to prepare you for your next career move.  Included is the Occupational Code Crosswalk that demonstrates how to translate military skills, training and experience into civilian credentialing appropriate for civilian jobs. Service members will document their military career experience and skills, translate their military occupation experience to civilian occupations and skills, and identify any gaps in their training and/or experience that need to be filled to meet their career goals.

In addition, a variety of classes and seminars on topics related to transition, such as dressing for success, goal setting, change management and evaluating and negotiating job offers.

TLT Veterans Gateway Program 

Point Alpha

  • Local Transition
  • VA local resources available in the community
  • Resources available in the community
  • Gate I
    • Discover- who you are and what are your values/goals
  • Gate II
    • Define- how are you going to use your skills and abilities in alignment with your goals.


  • Career or School
  • Gate III
    • Decide- what your path will be for now
  • Gate IV
    • Develop – skills needed, contacts
    • How to advance in a career or internship and job placement after college
  • Gate V
    • Demonstrate- Perform and then volunteer to help others

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