TLT Youth Leadership Academy is a program presented by TLT- Tomorrow’s Leaders Today to any interested 5th to 12th grade student, homeschool or private school student, held three times a year.  Community focused sessions are 3 hours long, once a week for four weeks or one week of sessions, ending with a certificate of graduation.

Our Leading Leaders Intern program strives to provide each young adult participant, ages 15, and older, in Texas, the hands-on opportunities to gain valuable experience to integrate with their career path in mind while developing leadership qualities and skills with hands-on curriculum-based opportunities. These positions are all REMOTE which allows us to serve many young adults, in many locations, and inclusive to all. Experience is not necessarily required. Engagement with business, civic and community leaders aligned with the participant’s career choice leads to more meaningful connections.

Designed to dive into problem solving skills, communication skills, teamwork, work ethic, digital application, leadership, career management and intercultural fluency.

This program is six sessions built to prepare you for your next career move.  Included is the Occupational Code Crosswalk that demonstrates how to translate military skills, training and experience into civilian credentialing appropriate for civilian jobs. Service members will document their military career experience and skills, translate their military occupation experience to civilian occupations and skills, and identify any gaps in their training and/or experience that need to be filled to meet their career goals.

TLT Kids Serve is a volunteer program where youth 5th grade to 9th grade participates in volunteer project.   These projects are in partnership with other nonprofits, completed in a classroom setting and include a financial literacy lesson and/or a real-life or soft-skill lesson.

Youth 10th to 12th grade participate in these sessions as project lead assistants building on leadership skills in identifying projects, coordinating and planning for the session and assisting with the facilitation of the project.

Youth 14 through Adults interested in starting a small business or non-profit learn what is involved with taking their dream to the next level.

Leadership Anna is an six-week program presented by the Greater Anna Chamber of Commerce, held twice a year. Community focused sessions are 3 hours long, once a week ending with a graduation. Each session explores leadership dynamics, social service organizations, economic development, educational, leisure, public safety, Anna’s government, and health services. Each member will work with their class building on and using their leadership skills to complete a class project that will benefit the Anna, Texas Community.

A 6 or 12-week program covering 1) basic real-life skills, 2) soft-skills, 3) higher education, career readiness, financial literacy and 4) a class community project. Through group discussions, hands on exercises, speakers and presentations about the civic, corporate, charitable and educational opportunities they learn what is right in their community.

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