By Aditya Patel

Ft Worth, Texas

Internships are opportunities for students to get real life work experience in their field of study. This can vary from minute tasks to a heavier workload depending on the position the student is interning for. Internships are also usually seasonal in that they expire after a certain period of time has passed. Internships can either be full time (40 hours a week) or part time to accommodate for the students schedule. Internships can also be unpaid depending on the company and the position.

Lastly interns are often managed more than other employees of the company. This is because the company is prioritizing teaching the student interns new skills and being there to help them if needed.

Looking for a Fall Internship?

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What to expect as an intern?

       As an Intern you should be ready to learn new skills all throughout the internship. It is normal for interns to not know a lot about how to execute their jobs when they first join the company they are interning for. Therefore it is imperative that interns speak up and ask questions about the parts of the job that they are either unfamiliar with or in confident with. Furthermore, asking questions in the internship will provide a better experience throughout the internship as well as a more in depth understanding.

Where to find an internship.

Oftentimes internships are found wherever jobs are found. This includes Indeed, LinkedIn, Handshake. However, if you still have no luck finding an internship within those channels you can always reach out to the career center and see if there are internships available in the university you attend.

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