Frisco, Texas

By: Aarav Sangani

The world today has been affected by many outrageous things. Some examples of these phenomena are COVID-19, wars, and political tension. These different examples of things that are currently happening around the world have affected everyone’s lives. Especially mine. Before 2020, I could go outside without the risk of dying. You heard me right, DYING. Never thought I would say that but here we are. For me education will always be important to me, along with how I learn the different information from school. The application is known as Zoom, as all of you may know, has had a “boom” in the whole world. It has played a part in probably everyone’s lives, especially mine.

Now getting to the point of all of this, TLT has done an amazing job of organizing events despite all of the things that are happening in the world. Personally, I have had a wonderful time talking to new people even though it is online and TLT has made that happen. The way we are able to complete these projects while we are still remote is amazing to me. This shows that anything is possible if someone is willing to put the dedication and hardwork into the project they are creating. By being an intern at TLT, it has taught me important lessons that I will carry out throughout my life. Along with this, I am a website development intern and the TLT organization has provided me with the resources that I can learn now and use in the future. This allows me to learn quicker and easier. All around, TLT has done an amazing job of organizing everything and still being able to have their interns communicate with each other on an online platform.

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