The Importance of Donate 2 Impact

By Skye Davis

DALLAS-What is Donate 2 Impact?  Donate 2 Impact is a clothing donation center. Locations are across North Texas.  Your donations are converted into monetary currency and allocated to partnering charities like ourselves, TLT-Tomorrow’s Leaders Today.  The purpose of this sustainable charity is to give back to the community by providing financial support to nonprofits. 

What do TLT-Tomorrow’s Leaders Today and Donate 2 Impact have in common?  Both charities strive to transform lives, creating a better future.  Our nonprofit has multiple clothing drives to donate to Donate 2 Impact and in turn they provide us with a monetary donation.  Both organizations plan to have a long-term impact on society.  Donate 2 Impact plans to acquire more charities to provide generous revenue, and our organization desires to touch more lives and provide more resources for the youth (8th grade and up) of North Texas.

So why should you donate to Donate 2 Impact?  For one, it is an opportunity to get rid of unwanted clothing, and two it is an act of doing a good deed and making an impact.  The final product of your donation can be designated to TLT and will be spread to various charities of different causes. 

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