By Ian Goehring

Fort Worth, Texas

TLT offers a wide range of courses on their website both paid and free in an online platform. Many of these courses were created by young people who have had very recent experience with the struggles of being a college student, choosing college as a high school student, and introduction to the workforce. Unlike the older generations the process and culture has changed significantly in these categories due to social media. So it is important that young people get accurate information about the do’s and don’ts of this time of their life. These online courses will do just that.

Adjustment time to college life can be cut down

            Important thing about the adjusting period when first arriving on a college campus is being able to take care of yourself without your parents’ reminders. Every freshman that steps foot on that campus is in the same boat so if you can get the building blocks down such as laundry, budgeting for food/drinks/other expenses, keeping a clean space, understanding how to share, etc the easier the transition will be. All mentioned above are free courses that TLT offers and will not take more than 10 minutes of your time. They are quick, easy, and very helpful as it will be a sub-conscious reminder of beginning and maintaining good habits.

Skills high-school does not always offer

            A big part of the online course program is the real-life portion. Not getting the correct answer on a math test or how to write an essay. These courses focus on the intricacies of conversation and networking. One of the biggest parts of college and one reason why we pay so much to go is the amount of educated and well-networked people that are at the students’ disposal. The better we can present ourselves in a confident and well-spoken way the higher likelihood these relationships can blossom into career paths or the beginning of ones. Soft skills are easily overlooked on a day to day basis but being self-aware of this can have positive effects for your future in the workforce. Developing these at an early age gives you a big advantage over the competition that we all are a part of. Under the soft-skills tab and real-life skills tab you will find many courses for free that can help begin a foundation.

Types of Courses Found:

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