By Joselyn Molina

Denton – TLT- Tomorrow’s Leaders Today is a non-profit youth leadership program that emphasizes real-world soft skills, civic leadership, and career and leadership abilities. They offer many types of internships such as marketing, graphic design, development, and many more.  

To this date, TLT has helped 49 interns! And many have come back to continue their time with TLT.  

Even though this would be my first internship at TLT, I have learned quite a few things so far!  

To name a few, I have learned how to be more independent and how to improve my communication skills. However, I also believe this internship will help me understand more of the career I am planning to pursue and in addition, what it means to be working in a professional environment. This internship has been a fantastic opportunity for me to learn. So far, we had many wonderful resources that Elaine, our team leader, has introduced to us. To name one, there are mentors that can help us make connections and tell us more about their career experience. 

Sonali Jariwala, who is in the marketing team, tells us how her internship at TLT has helped her. This is also her first internship at TLT and thus far, she has learned many things “I am learning how to work in a proper professional environment, like working in a team, having designated/mandatory meetings, working on assignments with deadlines, and more,” Sonali also says, “I also think that I will be able to gain marketing experiences with content creations, creating marketing campaigns, and marketing calendars”

Another intern TLT has helped is Catherine Landeros. She is a social media and marketing intern in our team and became an intern about a year ago in October 2020. She tells us that this internship has helped her graphic design skills improve and has driven her to learn more. Catherine also mentions how it has also affected her personal growth. “In terms of personal growth, well…I’m generally a quiet person, but TLT has provided a safe environment where I can learn how to collaborate with others, speak up when I need to, and learn how and what it takes to be a leader” 

As you can see, TLT internships have helped us a significant amount and we all agree that we are blessed to be able to take part with them! 

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