With 2020 winding down to a close it has been a long year of masks, hand sanitizer, cancelled events, and uncertainty. With the holiday season coming upon us fast there are lots of fun hobbies and activities you can still do to keep yourself entertained while being safe!

Have you ever been interested in crafting? There are tons of resources online available for neat crafts all the way from crocheting, to hand lettering postcards, to wire wrapping for jewelry! Pinterest and Youtube are great resources for how-to’s on these and many other activities. Who knows, maybe you’ll even realize a new passion and be able to start up a small business you could work from home with your new crafting power! Thanksgiving and Christmas opens up a world of possibilities in the crafting world as well. You can find cute centerpieces to make for the holiday dinner with your immediate family. You might even be able to have enough time to knit a scarf or a blanket for a loved one.

What about health and fitness? Even though we are encouraged to stay at home,we can still take virtual yoga or pilates classes! Youtube, again, is a great source for free classes online. You also can check your local colleges and see if you can take a class with their fitness center! Students are generally given this opportunity with their tuition, but oftentimes alumni can tune in as well at a discounted price! You can also check your local studios and workout centers- there’s a good chance you can still support individual business owners by using their services online. With the weather cooling down it is also a great time to go for a midday walk or run! Make sure to take your sunscreen, your water bottle, and your favorite furry friend if you can!

I know you’re tired of being cooped up all year, so I wanted to list some great places to go visit where it is still very possible to maintain a safe distance. Make sure when visiting these places you follow CDC guidelines and respect business practices. Keep six feet, where your mask, and wash your hands often.

The zoo! What better way to enjoy the cooling temperatures than to go walk around and see the wild animal kingdom up close. Make sure to check with local zoos to learn about their new safety measures. These might include having to make reservations for your trip in advance so that they can keep their occupancy to the appropriate limit.

The Chairy Orchard! This is a Dentonite favorite attraction. It is free to enter, and you can look around at all the intricately painted and designed chairs. Maybe one of your new hobbies could be creating a chair sculpture of painting to donate to the Chairy Orchard! They even have a chair cemetery, dubbed The Cemechairy, if you’re feeling like you need extra spookiness added to the end of your year. Bring a friend and have a photo op for one of a kind- punny photographs. They also have a little red fridge where you can donate and pick up souvenirs to commemorate your fun trip here.

And finally, why not try out a drive-in movie experience? A google search can show you where your local drive in will be. Some drive ins will even show classics for those of us who crave nostalgia from “the good ol’ days”. Make sure to take your immediate family and/or roommates since most drive-ins charge by the car, not by the people!

We hope this list gives you some new ideas while you continue to stay safe and have a great rest of your 2020 and hopefully an even better 2021!

Written By: Mary Keating

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