TLT Parental Consent

Below is the Parental Consent Policy for TLT – Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, Inc. Please download a copy of the document here and email it

Parental/Guardian Consent Form

with Participants under 18

If my son/daughter _____________________________(name) is accepted as a participant,

I agree to abide by the TLT: Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, Inc. program regulations, rules and have read the codes of conduct.

I understand that a deposit may be required with the application and the balance of the tuition received before the first class and that no deductions or refunds will be given for cancellations or expulsion as their acceptance fills a slot someone other was not selected for.

Furthermore, I give permission for my son/daughter to attend all functions and activities connected with TLT: Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, Inc., including a community project which may be held outside of the program session.

I understand that transportation will NOT be provided by TLT: Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, Inc.

I hereby release the TLT: Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, Inc.  and the officers, trustees, employees, agents, and volunteers of the aforementioned organizations for all actions, claims, or demands for damages resulting from my child’s participation in the activities, and from liability and damages, injuries, or losses which might be sustained by my child, except those caused by the direct and sole negligence of the aforementioned organizations.

I further consent to the unrestricted use by TLT: Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, Inc., and/or person(s) authorized by TLT: Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, Inc. of any photographs, recordings, interviews, videotapes, motion pictures, or similar visual recording of my child.

I confirm that my son/daughter completed their application and requirements on their own.

I understand and agree to the terms listed above.

Parent/Guardian Name _______________________________________________________

Signature _____________________________________________________Date__________

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