Summer 2022

As students begin to get ready to leave school for the summer, many of them are looking forward to summer camp and relaxing at home. However, when they return in the fall, many students won’t be at the same achievement levels they were just a few months ago. This phenomenon, which has been occurring since 1906, is referred to as the summer slide or summer learning loss. The summer slide disproportionally affects underserved students as they face systemic challenges like lack of funding.

We are dedicated to helping these students and young adults develop skills that will allow them to be successful in their future career paths. We offer programs that build entrepreneurial skills, leadership skills, career readiness and professionalism. Our 2022 summer programs include: TLT Youth and Adult Leadership Academy, Small Business Entrepreneur 101, TLT Leading Leaders Intern Program.


Our TLT Youth and Adult Leadership Academy is a program for participants to engage in various hands-on learning activities, which help to identify values, visions, and goals. This program is available to 14-17 years old accompanied by
an adult. This program explores: leadership dynamics, social service organizations, servant leadership, community growth and education, community health and safety, community government and community culture and leisure. We offer our students the opportunity to complete a group project that benefits
the community, meet community leaders and local organizations. Our curriculum includes civic leadership training and personal development training. This program will take place June-July once a week and costs $225 (covers both adult
and youth.)

Our newest program is Small Business Entrepreneur 101, which is targeted toward
16–25-year-old interested in learning how to start a small business or how to become
certified as one of many high-demand, high-wage career fields. There are many
different paths for young entrepreneurs to explore

  • Building Trades (electrician, landscaper, carpenter)
  • Variety of construction jobs
    Vocational school or apprenticeship to become licensed
  • Mechanical Trades (HVAC installer, auto mechanic, locksmith)
  • Certification of competency
  • Unique Businesses (photography, social media management, bakery)

are just a few.

This course also provides students with the resources needed to start establishing their own business. From registering your business to creating a business plan and strategy, TLT’s program develops career readiness.

TLT also caters to those across Texas by offering a variety of remote positions in the leading leaders internship program. This program provides students 16 and older with the chance to practice hands-on opportunities to gain valuable experience that is applicable to their career path. “I’ve been given an opportunity to incorporate my creative ideas into projects, which has really helped me grow professionally,” says a Spring 2021 Intern.
The internship offers a curriculum-based program that can count toward school credit. The summer session is set to run from June 7 to August 2 with weekly team meetings and bi-weekly one-on-one coaching sessions.

  • Positions available include:
  • Accounting/business services
  • Campus liaison
  • Development
  • Grant writing
  • Graphic design
  • Impact management
  • Instructional Design E-Learning
  • Marketing
  • Operations-Policies & Procedures
  • Program Coordination
  • Social media
  • Website development


            Another popular program is a direct reflection of our goals at TLT. The TLT Unlocking the Future program is targeted toward 8th- Jr. College level underserved students. This course is free to anyone, and it teaches soft-skills, higher education, and career readiness. This program includes discussions, hands-on exercises, speakers, and presentations discussing educational opportunities in one’s community and a community project. All these programs not only strengthen skills, but it keeps students engaged over the summer and prepares them to take on real world responsibilities.


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