By: Jo Jofri, Flower Mound, TX

Getting a good degree is very important, but showing employers that you have various other  skills will improve your job prospects. 

Internships allow you to develop an understanding of the world of work and an awareness of  your skills and capabilities.  

How will the internship benefit your career?

During your internship, you will gainknowledge and experience that will help you in your future  job search, giving you a better idea of the types of jobs you want and those you don’t want.  Internships help you learn about the work environment, but they also help you learn about  yourself. 

Things you will learn about yourself during the internship. Your internship is about learning new skills and learning things about yourself.  During your internship, you will learn many new things, including knowledge of the role you are  interning for, how workplaces work, the company’s culture, and the skills necessary to do well in  your position. 

You can expect to learn these things about yourself during your internship: 

● Your determination is unlimited. 

You will learn just how determined you can be and how that can lead to you achieving  and accomplishing incredible things. 

● You’re way more prepared than you know. 

You might have been worrying about your internship before you started. However, these  are irrelevant worries because you already have a fantastic skillset. You just need to learn  how to utilize your transferable skills to the best of your ability.

● Your interests. 

During your internship, you will learn about your interests, e.g., what you like and what  you don’t like. Maybe the job you thought you wanted isn’t quite what you expected, so  you know not to pursue that career path. 

Learning about yourself is a vital part of growing up, so don’t feel ashamed if you do or don’t  like something you didn’t expect. 

Other benefits of an internship.

Here are some advantages of internships for students: 

1. Access to a variety of tasks and departments. 

During your internship, you may assist senior management, attend meetings, undertake  special projects or observe the workings of other departments. This can help you decide what  type of job is right for you. 

2. Mentorship 

Working as an intern may allow you to meet a potential mentor naturally and establish a  relationship that helps guide your career path. 

3. Build a strong resume 

This valuable job experience enables you to fill out your resume with duties and projects from  your internship. You will also be able to describe your objective for a permanent position  more clearly. 

4. Create a professional network 

Internships are a practical way to expand your job network. The professionals you will meet  might be the most valuable connection to your future jobs, so showing enthusiasm and  willingness can help professional contacts see your potential. 

5. Help guide career goals 

An internship can give you job experience by introducing you to daily rigors and tasks without  a firm commitment to that precise career track. It can help you decide if specific jobs fit your  personality and your talents and allow you to meet people who can give you career advice and  guidance. 

Therefore, an internship provides the work experience that helps students put their education into  practice, develop their leadership skills, and give them a competitive advantage as they pursue  their career goals. 

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