Civic engagement and its impact on the community

Civic engagement activities are important as they teach both real-life and leadership skills, this allows both youth and adults to grow and helps them to become self-reliant within the community. It is important that individuals are encouraged to contribute to their community. When people have the opportunity to receive leadership training and learn hands-on, real-life […]

What are some examples of civic virtue?

One way to describe civic virtue is having excellent behavior. Excellent civic behavior of citizens is an asset to the community that increases the quality of life, but is not to be confused with civic conversation. When someone says they were engaged in civic conversation he means he was listening to others, discussing a topic, […]

What are my civic responsibilities?

Your civic responsibility is to respect and obey your school, community, local, state and federal laws. You must also respect the opinions, rights, and beliefs of others in your community. This includes respecting others when face to face and online. When you are old enough and called upon for jury duty, it is your civic […]

What are some examples of civic engagement?

There are many examples of civic engagement. When you have a job, you are paying income taxes with each paycheck and often at the end of the year.  If you own a home, you pay property tax, and when you purchase items online or in stores, you pay sales tax.  These taxes are used by […]

What is civic engagement?

Civic Engagement is people finding ways to make a positive difference in the life of the community where he works or lives. A person learns to do this by using his skills, his values, knowledge about what he wishes to improve and his motivation, also called passion. Civic Engagement also means raising the quality of […]