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  1. I enjoyed learning about diversity, equity and inclusion laws because I did not know much about it and it is super important to know when starting a new job so everyone feels safe and accepted in the workplace.

  2. Diversity, equity, and inclusion is such an important topic to learn about because it helps minority communities gain the same opportunities as other dominant communities. It is also extremely relevant due to the current legal battle that is occurring in Texas surrounding DEI laws.

  3. It talks about how an employee is worth to the company without showing discrimination and inequality—also the importance of Labor laws in the workplace.

  4. I enjoyed this course. It talked about how its important to have DEI polices to makes sure the workplace is a comfortable environment for the employees.

  5. It clearly define about the diversity, equity and inclusion laws. It was very informative and it also defines why it is necessary in any organization to achieve the objectives of the organizations.

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